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What Is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is a type of liquid cooling used to moderate data center equipment temperature by submerging it in a cooling fluid. Server immersion cooling helps to dissipate heat and keep components like CPUs performing optimally. Immersion cooling systems prove to be more efficient than traditional data center cooling methods (like computer room air conditioning, or CRAC) due to the increased thermal conductivity of most liquids compared to air.

Example of an Immersion CoolingDataCenter

Given that 1-1.5% of global electricity consumption is attributed to data centers, companies have been striving to innovate and discover a liquid cooling solution capable of reducing this energy demand. One potential solution is dielectric fluid immersion cooling, which has the potential to enhance CPU density in data centers while minimizing energy consumption.
Dielectric liquid cooling involves the use of a thermally conductive but non-electrically conductive fluid that does not interfere with the functionality of electrical components such as servers. Examples of dielectric fluids encompass mineral oil hydrocarbons, synthetic fluorocarbons, and silicone fluids.


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